Supporting people with Learning Difficulties

Supporting people with Learning Difficulties

Our team of Carers and Support Workers are trained to understand the frustrations and difficulties that may arise from people who may naturally be interesting or intelligent but they are unable to express themselves verbally or socially in a way that those around understand easily.


We take time to build relationships that enable us understand their personalities and their preferences and dislikes regardless of how they express themselves.

We emphasise Safeguarding practices to ensure our clients are financially, sexually, physically, emotionally and socially protected from abuse.

We enjoy engaging our clients to different activities outdoor and indoors. Eg Train rides, bus rides, ferry rides, air port jetspotting, park visits, etc

We also take time to assist with planning holidays in UK and abroad. At Crest, we spend a large amount of our time training, caring for, supporting and safeguarding people with Learning Difficulties.

We welcome any enquiries about how we care and support our clients

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