Live In Care

Live In Care

We recognise the  privilege  that staying  and living at home brings to our clients. The familiarity  the photographs, pictures, treasures add to the pleasures of remaining at home!

oldladyUnfortunately, sometimes it becomes almost impossible to cope at home because of ill-health, increased disability, frailty or the loss of a supportive spouse or family Carer. Our live-in care service is designed to enable you stay at home and stay within your familiar surroundings. A Carer or Support Worker becomes partially resident in your home to provide a bespoke, wholesome care service

Unlike a care home where there has to be a backbone care routine,, live-in care is a personal one-to-one service that is tailored to the clients needs of each individual. A flexible care service is provided, accommodating your regular routine and specific needs and adapting to your changing circumstances.

With live in care, your home remains your castle!

We understand that having someone resident in your home can be a very personal matter. We therefore take extra care to match our staff in personality and experience with our client’s personality, and care/clinical needs. We also make sure you have the opportunity to meet the staff we want to place in your home. It is always teamwork and you have at least three carers at any one time who will have met you and we ensure that all of our live-in care staff are fully briefed on your preferences and your needs..

There are many ways in which our live-in care service can benefit you:

  • Enables you to remain living in your own home
  • Allows you to continue living your chosen lifestyle
  • Comparably favourable cost compared to many care homes where you share the attention of one staff between three other clients.
  • One-to-one care, providing you with greater flexibility and personalisation
  • Available on a short or long-term basis (from 48 hours –  until further notice)
  • We can start at very short notice.

We provide adequate back-up support for our staff so that in the event that a staff must leave your premises at short notice, your care is not unduly disrupted.

Continuity of care is one of the key strengths of our homecare service. This is achieved by minimising the number of Carers assigned to each care package. As part of our live-in care service, we provide you with two main suitable Carers, (and one back-up Carer) to work on a rota basis.

Our rotas are tailored to suit your requirements, many timetables follow a fortnightly rotation, but this is only a guideline and we are flexible to your preference.

An example of which is seen below.

Week One Carer A Week Five Carer A
Week Two Carer A Week Six Carer A
Week Three Carer B Week Seven Carer B
Week Four Carer B Week Eight Carer B