What is live in care?

Live in care is when the care worker supporting you, lives in your home with you, rather than as visiting care. They will be ‘on-demand’ and you’ll receive dedicated one to one support, day or night.

Are your live in carers directly employed?

Yes, they are accountable to Crest Healthcare.

Will my live in carer have time off?

Yes, they will have time off but this will be agreed and pre-arranged with you.

What kind of support will your live in carers provide?

They’ll support you in every way that you need. A care plan will be created, however they will also be there as your companion and friend.A live in carer will be able to help with practical things around your home like cooking and cleaning, personal care, and getting out and about.

What will I need to provide for my carer?

Your carer will need a room to stay in.

Do you carry out any security checks before employing a live in carer?

We carry out an enhanced security check and obtain references, as well as a strict recruitment process which includes pre-screening questionnaires.

Remember, you still choose the live in carer that’s right for you personally.

What if I don’t get on with my live in carer?

We always expose you to two or three carers over the period of assessing your needs and the first couple of weeks as we start of providing the service. After you’ve chosen your live in carer, we still check up on things regularly, more so in the first few weeks to ensure things are going well. You will have opportunities to give your feedback. It might take a little while for you to settle as you get to know each other. If things don’t work out,

It’s important for you to say so and we’ll arrange for a new carer.

Can I get help with paying for my live in care?

You may be entitled to part, or whole funding for the care. Please get in touch with us and we’ll help you to find out.

How soon can you start my live in care service?

We can start it as soon as you are ready, after we’ve completed your care planning and you’ve chosen your carer .