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elderly couple and care worker

Most important factors in homecare

People who took part in the survey said the most important factors in homecare are: Friendly, respectful and capable care workers Sufficient time for care Choice about services Care and Support Minister Norman Lamb said: We need better care now for the 300,000 people currently getting homecare and for the sake of
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Additional Funding by Government

The government has allocated significant additional funding to local authorities, including a transfer from the NHS worth £1.1 billion a year by 2014/15, to be spent on social care with a health benefit. Further to that, in 2015/16 it is creating a £3.8 billion pooled budget for health and social care in 2015/16
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A long term condition

In England, more than 15 million people have a long term condition – a health problem that can’t be cured but can be controlled by medication or other therapies. This figure is set to increase over the next 10 years, particularly those people with 3 or more conditions at once. Examples of long term
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